ONPRO ™ strives to create state-of-the-art cloud based solutions for the automation of best-in-class business processes.

ONPRO ™ is a unique combination of an experienced services team with an in-house technology development team which work together to continually improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the services we offer.



Residence & Work Visa

Our expert team provides a complete outsourced service for the processing of the issuance and renewal of all of the required processes for maintaining your employees’ residence and work status.

Service Highlights
  • Quota management
  • Immigration approvals
  • Offer letters, employment contracts
  • Entry-permits
  • Medical testing
  • Insurance cards
  • Emirates ID
  • Visa stamping
  • Termination and modifications
  • Collection and delivery
Mission Visa

As an alternative to a long-term employment, a Mission Visa provides a 90-day entitlement to work.

In certain circumstances, such visas may provide a solution for the probationary period of a new candidate or a mechanism to fill a resource requirement for a short-term specialist assignment.

Service Highlights
  • Quota management
  • Immigration approvals
  • Visa issuing
  • Entry-permits
  • Medical testing
  • Visa stamping
  • Collection and delivery
Security Passes

In certain sectors such as the Oil & Gas and Security Services, your employee will be required to maintain an additional pass to carry out their duties.

Our team services the requirements of registering and maintaining both the company’s registration and the issuance and management of the individual passes for your employees.

Service Highlights
  • Registration and maintenance of company files
  • Letter of Assistance
  • Quota management
  • Security pass issuance and cancellation
  • CICPA Security and Travel passes
  • Collection and delivery
Tourist & Visit Visa

We arrange the issuance of tourist and entry visas along with the associated change of status in conjunction with your logistics team to provide a seamless flow of information on the entry and exit of your employees into the country.

Service Highlights
  • 30-day single entry
  • 90-day single entry
  • Multi-entry
HR Services

We work in close-alignment with your existing HR team to support a program of continual improvements in the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the processes that we service.

Our extensive knowledge-base of how processes really work is shared and tailored to your company’s requirements.

Service Highlights
  • Share of knowledge-base
  • Exception management
Entity and License Registration & Renewal

The registration, maintenance and renewal of business entities has become a maze of compliance processes with the interaction of multiple government departments and changes in legislation.

We provide expert-advice and support on the structuring of your entity and maintaining it in good-standing.

Our services cover the full spectrum of business activities and structures for both local and international companies.

Service Highlights
  • Covering all forms of LLC, Establishment & Foreign Branches
  • New Registrations & Renewals
  • Complex activities clearly planned
  • Bespoke and template solutions for compliant document production,
  • Translation and attestation
  • Document and process tracking
Attestation, Notarisation & Translation Services

We arrange the collection, attestation and delivery of all business and personal documents required to be provided as part of our service offering.

By utilising our established network of legal translators, overseas experts, local notaries and attestation procedures, we take away the mystery and logistics of producing compliant documents in a speedy and efficient manner.

Service Highlights
  • Document production
  • Foreign and local attestation
  • Translation support
  • Document tracking
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Benefits for you:
  • Complete workflow solution in the cloud
  • Dashboard views with drill-down
  • Set internal user-access rights
  • Job costing and KPI reporting
  • Workflow notifications and reminders
  • Secure data-storage

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