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We are unique …

Founded in 2016 with our headquarters in Abu Dhabi, we have evolved from a pure service provider seeking a technology solution for our own needs, to a leading provider of both technology & services for Human Resources & Recruitment teams.

A sense of partnership …

Whether you are a client or business partner, we pride ourselves in being open and sincere in all of our interactions with you.


It’s better to be honest right from the start. If we know the answer then that’s what we will say and if we don’t, then we will do our utmost to find out for you.


We work in an environment of responsibility not only for the security of our customers’ data but also in delivering critical services well, which we always do so by the rules.


If something is complicated, then that’s our job to simplify it for you. We build on our internal knowledge every working day to make your experience with us delightful.


Everybody deserves respect. You can always count on us to respect your wishes at all times and behave as an integral part of your team.

Meet the founders …

Alexis Chiotis

Alexis Chiotis

Elena Chiotis

Elena Chiotis

Co-Founder / CEO