Frequently Ask Questions
Online PRO Services Plus – is our fully outsourced solution for your visa and government relations needs, built on the OnPro platform. We look after all of your visa-related HR processes – including renewal, modification, cancellation and applications for new visas. We also liaise with the Ministries of Labour and Immigration for you.
You benefit from instant updates, trackability and transparency through your Online PRO Services dashboard. All we need from you is a co-ordinator to approve renewals and processes. We handle the rest.
We also offer you two dedicated points of contact in our services team. They liaise with your co-ordinator, our PRO, and typing, finance and logistic teams to get the job done. Things happen swiftly, easily and without you having to follow up.
OnPro is – the technology platform that powers our suite of Online PRO Services. It is a unique cloud-based solution based on Microsoft-partner technologies that enable us to automate and scale complex processes. It is ideally suited for business tasks and processes, and addresses many compliance problems such as data privacy and security.
Online PRO Services aren’t just faster, cheaper and technologically superior. They’re also a far more transparent and engaging option for all concerned.
  • You can see instant updates and statuses for all the employees in your organisation through your dashboard
  • We also notify you with regular e-reports that keep you informed
  • We also notify your employees with application status and renewal reminders. By sending automatic progress updates to employees, we build trust on your behalf and reduce the volume of queries you have to handle.
We handle visa and government relations procedures for you across the UAE mainland and all freezones. At present, our logistics support – door to door document pickup and delivery – is operational only in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Our finance team liaises with yours to cover payments for government services. We give you a FIXED monthly quotation for your HR service processing, with government services and typing fees clearly accounted dirham for dirham without markup.
Other out of contract services can be requested based on a clear and transparent rate card. Meanwhile, if your employees want to request personal visa services – for dependents, visiting family and domestic staff - they can do so independently through our ONPRO e-store with a promo discount code. They can either pay us directly or mark the billing to your account if that is company policy.
The calculation is very simple. Conventional methods don’t scale very well. You can only handle a certain number of employees before needing to expand your government relations team. We are technology-led, so can scale far easier. 50 applications or 5,000 – it’s all the same to us, and the per head cost works out much cheaper.
There are other savings too. With Online PRO Services, you eliminate delays, surprise expirations and fines. All told, our clients easily benefit from an average 30% in cost savings. We’re also around ten times faster than the old way of doing things.
Yes. Online PRO Services Plus doesn’t just cover employment visas. We can assist you with all your government relations needs – from typing to trade licences, permits and everything in between. Our services are based off a clear and transparent rate card.
We’re very flexible. After all, our aim is to make HR-related visa processes better for everyone. You can outsource as little or as much as you want. We can also deliver services such as corporate licence renewals not covered in the base contract. These are priced based on transparent rate card. Meanwhile, your employees can also contact us for personal and domestic visa services, where they can pay us directly while benefiting from a promo code discount.
We take security and compliance very seriously in our organisation. We’re fully licensed for the provision of technology services.
When it comes to your data, we store it on Azure Cloud, where it is bound by relevant rules and regulations. We’re a Microsoft partner, which means that Microsoft technology acts as our security shield.
When it comes to anti-crime policies, all our staff members are police-checked on a regular basis. They all sign confidentiality agreements to keep your data secure. We are also TRACE-certified for anti-bribery and anti-corruption.
No. Our process is built for convenience. Whether you’re a mainland or freezone-based client, we can connect with government portals and migrate your data directly. We can also interact with your existing document management systems and pull the data from there. All we need is permission and access. So when you log into the OnPro portal all your data is already there, waiting for you.
Yes, absolutely, 100%. But the good news is that you don’t need to do that when you start out. We’ll upload your data directly from government portals and make it available for you on our dashboard. If you decide to opt for even closer integration, our in-house development team will assist with a range of customised options and managed solutions.
Not at all. Online PRO Plus services are designed to be completely disruption-free. We give you access to our system, and all your data is already there, ready for you. If you’re running an ERP or HR Management System and want full integration, our team can do that for you as well.
Yes. Enterprise clients are using our technology in customised installations to handle sensitive business and HR-related processes. With OnPro, clients can rely on a managed solution – where we handle system implementation, customisation and maintenance – to manage their own processes in-house.
For compliance, you must retain at least one registered PRO on your company visa, carrying an up to date PRO card. You can either retain your existing PRO, or assign the card to a trusteed employee for cost savings. Our PRO team will accompany your card-carrier to government ministries on the rare occasions when that is required.
With conventional methods, most complications arise from typing or document errors, or filling in the wrong form. Our automated systems and quality control eliminate that straight away. In the cases where renewal isn’t straightforward, we have an in-house government relations teams to sort things out.
Yes. Employees can request personal services directly through our OnPro e-store. There, they can access services such as tourist visas for visitors, domestic staff visas, and dependent visas. It’s incredibly easy to use, with a host of payment options via an Etisalat payment gateway and a FAB gateway for credit cards. Employees can pay us directly, without you having to get involved.
Yes. Our OnPro engine is powerful, flexible and adept at automating and scaling complex processes. As a Microsoft Partner, we can offer you complete solutions for talent, HR and payroll management, all tailored to local regulations. Our ability to create solutions tailored to specific local market needs, processes and regulations sets us apart from generic international solutions.
Due to confidentiality agreements, we can’t always divulge what services we’re offering our clients. However, we’re proud to say that we’re working with some of the biggest multinationals operating in the region, as well as smaller SMEs and startups. Some of our clients are displayed on our website.
Yes, our contract involves a 30-day notice period. We’ll always plan an amicable roadmap to migrate your data back to you based on your requirements.
Not at present, but we plan to in the near future.
We’re headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Our current client base is in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and we have teams on the ground in both cities.