Government Relations Platform

Automating Government Relations processes in the cloud for a more engaging HR experience


Benefits of automation

OnPro is a modern platform for HR & Recruitment teams to process residency visas and work permits. Collect, store and track people data in real-time and integrated with MOHRE, GDRFA & other government portals for a fully automated digital solution.



Delight your employees with a fully digital experience with our instant notification updates for their visa processing status and digital copies of their records.


Collaborate with key stakeholders on your visa workflows and stay aligned on your business goals.


Increase the efficiency of service delivery with the power of our deep knowledge automation built in. We map out the visa processes and create sequenced workflows for more efficient processing.


Reduce the risk of delays and fines with our watchlists. Key deadlines are monitored digitally to give you sufficient time to take action before the risk of a late fine occurs.

Smart Requests

With our Digital Assistant, you can initiate, approve and track service requests the smart way. Built in process knowledge guides you to request the right combination of new hire documents based on your business profile. Request multiple services within a single bundle and repeat common requests easily.


We connect you to the key government portals and integrate employee data, e-service applications to GRP in real time, saving you the time on manual data entry and updates. Once you set up your account your data will be automatically generated from MOHRE & GDRFA for you to get started right away.

Notifications & Reminders

Automated notifications keep all stakeholders fully informed on workflow processes. Our Planner tools scan for documents expiring within the next 60 days and automatically generate a notification and job number so you never miss a deadline again.

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